CCleaner For PC Free Download

CCleaner For PC Free Download

CCleaner For PC Free Download is the best free login cleaning tool that supports Windows 32-bit and Windows 64-bit. It clears temporary website data, history, cookies, and other junk left over from hours of surfing the internet. This will also eliminate your bacteria.

CCleaner For PC Free Download also recently added support for many programs that will run on your system, such as Audacity, Silverlight, BitTorrent, Google Chrome, CuteFTP and more.

The latest version of CCleaner runs faster than previous versions, but it is obvious that the older system will run slower on computers with more resources… this goes without saying.

CCleaner empties your Recycle Bin, backs up your registry before “cleaning” it, and generally makes Windows run faster. We believe that more important than cleaning network data is strong log data. Not only can it remove links to unused libraries (DLLs), but it can also remove links to unnecessary services and fonts, clean up installer issues, ActiveX settings issues, and more.

Hard drive

Another disadvantage is the hard disk wiping tool. Delete all files on the selected hard drive. You can choose to “clear” one or more times. “Gutmann’s” 35 hard drive cleanup really goes deep and removes traces of data that was once there. There are many levels of disk wiping, and unless you’re storing something important, even 1 pass will do the job. Disk Cleanup can also be limited to free system space. One note about disk cleanup, the more passes you select the longer the task will take to complete.

If I ever have a friend who complains about a slow startup or even just a sluggish experience on their PC, I always download CCleaner and run it for them. I always get a thank you afterwards, but the credit should go to the guys at Piriform for such a light, simple yet powerful program that gets the job done.

Overall, whether it’s for a friend or for yourself, CCleaner is definitely a must-have system tool for all PC users. If you find this tool useful, you can contribute to the developers on their website.

Another beautiful point of the program is that it does not contain any spyware or other unwanted garbage such as toolbars or that change the browser’s home page or default search engine.

Added environment variables for %SystemDirectory%, %SystemDirectory32%, and %SystemDirectory64% for support on systems with a 64-bit copy of Windows. The latest version also improved the cleaning of Chrome, Firefox and Safari.

CCleaner features

Browser Plugins: Manages Edge/Chromium/Firefox plugins.

Context Menu Manager: Configures application menus.

Disk Analyzer: Identifies large and temporary files.

Disk Wiper: Erases data from hard drives.

Duplicate Finder: Finds duplicate files to delete.

File Recovery: Recovers deleted files.

Privacy: Deletes browsing history, cookies and auto-filling of forms.

Registry Cleanup: Fixes errors and broken settings to improve system stability.

Scheduling: Automates cleaning procedures.

Secure File Erase: Erases data permanently.

Startup Optimization: Speeds up system startup.

System Cleanup: Removes junk files, temporary files, and broken shortcuts.

Monitoring: Reports system performance information.

System Restore: Restores systems to an earlier state.

Uninstall Tool: Easily remove unwanted programs.

Compatibility and License

CCleaner is a limited version of commercial software, often called freemium, that requires you to pay a license fee to unlock additional features not available in the free version. This software is free to download and install, but there are other similar programs available that may have the functionality you need in System Cleaning Software. 6.16.10662 is the latest version we checked.

Which versions of Windows does CCleaner work on?

CCleaner can be used on computers running Windows 11 or Windows 10. Previous versions of the operating system have been tested and Windows 8 and Windows 7 should be fine. 32-bit and 64-bit downloadable versions are available.

Other Operating Systems: The latest version of CCleaner 2023 is also available for Android and Mac. These can usually be found in the app store.

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