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About us and what we stand for

In a word:

Techsoftware. site was created because of the rampant spread of the virus- and malware-infected software on the largest download portals. 92% of the top 25 download directories do not test for viruses, while 66% of those that do test attempt to infect your system with multiple toolbars, spyware applications, and other ghastly ‘enhancements’ anyways. Techsoftware.site is an oasis in a desert of a very mean Internet indeed.

Our mission is to provide techie with high-quality software that has been tested with some of the best antivirus applications. Pure and simple.

Techsoftware. site is the prime objective to give the software that clients need to have. The principle objective is to give a direct downloading connection with no hold-up so clients can appreciate boundless downloads.

You can request us about software etc and we’ll upload it here as soon as we can.


Techsoftware.site Team

Our mission:
Our charge is plain and simple to give easy access to safe and trusted software. We strive to develop useful tools to find programs presently for Windows druggies.

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